It’s important to buy art you love,
but sometimes love isn’t enough.

Scarcity obscura is an avant garde fine art process that is exactly as it sounds.

Next to the skill and popularity of an artist … scarcity is the most defining element.

It impacts investor interest as well as the value of contemporary art.

Creating, protecting, and authenticating scarcity has always been a challenge for contemporary artists and fine art investors.

Blockchain technology now makes it relatively easy to manage what only a few years ago was absolutely impossible.

Scarcity obscura provides an allegorical glimpse into the unconscious flow of an artist and illuminates a more personal vision a collector would rarely, if ever, experience.

It gives both artist and art collector modern, trusted, and stable options.

Scarcity obscura combines traditional photography or canvas paintings with advanced technology. The process makes it possible for art buyers to purchase, sell, trade, share and display limited edition investments on a variety of mediums like canvasses, small to billboard-size hi-res archival prints, hi-definition large screen monitors, and phones.

For ScarcityPHOTOGRAPHERS create SELF-DERIVATIVE Limited Editions.

A self-derivative series illuminates the backstory of a fine art photograph revealing images in ways that art buyers and collectors have rarely seen – similar to how a fractal winds its way algorithmically through all of its layers, esoteric or otherwise.

The Obscura part is the planned process of a PAINTER purposefully painting over their original canvas–obscuring or partially obscuring the painting below.

Scarcity obscura painters don’t paint over because the artist doesn’t like the underlying image, quite the contrary. Before painting over, the artist scans the canvas at hi-resolution, digitizing it for a specialized, highly-secure distributed data network. This Limited Edition digitized blockchain version defines and certifies the history and provenance of the original painted canvas–adding to its cachet and nurturing value.

In essence, by painting over an image you destroy it, making it scarce. It’s removed from the physical world, but lives on in a hi-resolution digital version that technology can now duplicate almost perfectly, and protect immutably.

In a soulful sense, the last painting layered on the canvas, collectively absorbs and reflects the artist’s essence of the painting below. And whether you call it soulful, spiritual, or PUNK, an artist who unconsciously falls into layer upon layer of a canvas imbues it with waves of creative flow that can only add to its presence.

When you know an image’s creative provenance, and have a sense of the story behind the story, it gives the art weight, and unique irrepressible interest.

The scarcity obscura process nurtures value in fine art investment by carefully managing, distributing, and protecting Hi-Tech Limited Edition digital copies of the original art piece, helping define its “unique quotient” by certifying its rarity and value.

It’s a modern option for private collectors as well as institutional buyers because it allows an art investor to buy, trade and enjoy fine art easily and securely without exorbitant fees, which for most of us … is worth the price of admission.