Fine Art Photography is quickly rising to the APEX of blockchain technology.

Photographers today have considerably more opportunities than ever in the past.

The ongoing challenge is that the image market in general is flooded.

If photographers want to leverage technological growth they have to act decisively. At this stage, the playing field is open to every photographer, from rank amateurs, to longstanding professionals who already have vast portfolios.

If you have an older portfolio built on film, technology can place you in a very enviable position by elevating the visibility and value of your negatives and transparencies.

Digital photographers also have tremendous opportunity compared to just a couple of years ago because they can now easily develop Limited Editions for each series.

Scarcity Obscura works differently for photographers than it does for painters.

Painters destroy their work to create scarcity by painting over, while photographers use an additive process that makes it easy to offer buyers and collectors a SERIES built on a single image that provides a glimpse into a photographer’s unconscious flow.

Photographers can now literally tell a complete story that reaches across all languages and cultures without using a single word, and at the same time create scarcity in a way that was never before possible. Rare and valuable just took on a whole new weight.

PHOTOGRAPHERS do Scarcity by creating a SELF-DERIVATIVE series.

For Fine Art photographs, a self-derivative series allows a buyer to look deeper into the vision of a shooter and a specific photo to experience imagery in a way we’ve never seen before – loosely similar to how a fractal explores below the surface of an image.

Either purposefully or unconsciously, photographers bury personal meaning in their art, and it is in this abstraction where art buyers find a new and unique form of connection.